happy birthday Tommy!

Yes, that’s right – today is Tom’s birthday! (well, actually, yesterday was his birthday – but I played hookey with him, so, while I wrote this a couple of days ago, I wasn’t able to post it until today).

Anyhow, I usually keep this blog strictly business – but I thought this would be an appropriate time to give him some long-overdue recognition.

Tom keeps a pretty low profile around here (it is ‘abby rose photo’ after all!) – but over the past five years he has become an absolutely integral part of this business. He likes to joke that he’s my secret weapon – and ya know what? It’s true. Tom second shoots on most of the events I photograph. And he’s also an invaluable assistant – hauling my gear, making sure I don’t leave that $2,000 lens sitting behind on a park bench, holding a light stand, reflecting light, making me smile, – all these little and not-so-little things that go such a long way in helping me to do what I do. And even on days he’s not shooting with me, he’s still there behind the scenes – making me breakfast, charging my batteries, packing my gear, and just generally making sure that I get out the door.

And in the midst of all that – he’s become a darn good photographer. I finally made myself sit down and pull together a portfolio for him – this is by no means complete, just a selection of image files I have handy that really showcase his unique eye. And this doesn’t even include all the engagement sessions, bar/bat mitzvahs and portrait shoots he’s done – just some wedding highlights.

Enjoy! (click fullscreen for the best view)

And thank you Tommy for being the very best friend/husband/partner/everything I ever hoped for.


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