I think i’m in love….

….with my new washer and dryer!!  Is that wrong? 

oh sweet, sweet whirlpool duet…you bring me such joy with your sleek design and steam refresh setting….
As you can see, operation ‘pimp my laundry room’ is well underway!  We decided to paint a bright primary blue – because, well, we can 😉  We’ve been so indecisive with colors for the main areas of the house, it was nice to just make a choice and GO! 
and look!  We *finally* got a table!  After (i kid you not) 7 months of looking and saving, we decided on this bent plywood beauty from bludot.  I *love* it!!
now we just need to find some chairs that are worthy 😉
I’m leaning towards one of these bright yellows for the dining room walls – maybe with one grey accent wall.  I’m loving yellow and grey together these days!

thoughts?  ideas?  anyone feel like playing interior designer with me?  😉

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  1. We obviously LOVE the idea of contrasting colors in the house! Especially opposite walls! Great idea! I always have wanted to do a room all one color. then have an eye level stripe of a different color all the way around. That could work for ya!

  2. You got the steam option! Lucky,….Chris wouldn’t go for it…but I love mine all the same with its sing-songy chirp that tells me its done. Heed the high efficiency warning for detergent, they ain’t playin’!

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