our wedding | more details revealed!

So Tommy and I are really kicking our planning into high gear this month and I am getting super excited!  I am finally ready to reveal our location – which is just awesome.  We are getting married at (drumroll please)….the Palmer House!  It is Ann Arbor’s only Frank Lloyd Wright designed home, and truly a gem.  Ours will be one of the first weddings held there, as it’s only recently been made available as a rental for small events.  It will be a perfect fit for the intimate dinner-party wedding we are planning.

Here are some cool pics of the house (by Chris Arace)






and here’s an interesting video with a little more background

I’ll be rockin’ a custom dolly couture dress (which my mom thinks is weird – sorry mom!), Tommy is on the hunt for the perfect vintage suit, and we’ve just hired wedding planner extraordinaire Laura Davis to help us make our vision a reality.  We’re also building up our collection of vintage radios for a special surprise 😉  if you have one to contribute let me know!!  I will say, this whole process has really helped me to see weddings in a new light, and to relate to my clients in way I’m not sure I was able to before.  We are so excited, and will be sure to share more as it all comes together.  Happy weekend!      

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  1. Love the dress maker, as well as the adorable vintage radio concept. Plus, Frank Lloyd Wright – what an awesome venue! Your wedding is going to be amazing. 🙂

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