So….I think some of you were beginning to wonder if Tommy and I were ever actually going to get married!  We are definitely taking our time, but we have finally found the absolute perfect spot.  It’s not finalized yet, so I don’t want to jinx anything.  But a little hint:  it’s in Ann Arbor, and it’s a structure with no 90 degree angles…

those who know me and my design aesthetic will probably not be surprised by this choice 😉 

Any guesses?!

keep your fingers crossed for us everyone!

and because what’s a blog post without a photo – here’s a cute one of us my friend mary ann sent over after sara and alex’s wedding


Hmm…the biomedical science research building (aka “the mitochondria”)? No 90 degree angles there.

Love this pic! You guys are so cute. I think I might know where you are talking about, if my A2 knowledge proves me right…:)

congrats!!!!!! very exciting news and you have peaked my interest about your venue….. please, do tell soon! 🙂

Although I have NO clue where you are talking about, I am happy to hear that you guys are progressing with your plans. You two are so adorable =)

You two are so cute! I guess it has been too long since I lived in A2. Can’t wait to hear about the details!

What a great picture of you two!! Mary Ann can rock the dance floor AND the camera! Congratulations on coming up with a place – Ken and I wanted to ask about any new details in the studio last week, but didn’t want to seem pushy 😉 I am intriqued about this building – googled it to no avail – can’t wait to hear more. Congrats again – jen and ken xoxo