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Just got in this incredible album, and I am just *floored* by how gorgeous it is!!

This has to be one of my favorite books to date – Carli gave me complete artistic freedom to design an art book for her and Spence, and really embraced the clean and modern aesthetic that I adore in book design.  Lots of BIG images, and plenty of negative space as well – I see so many clients fall into the “trap” of feeling like they need to cram every last aunt, uncle cousin, friend, etc into their book – which can really compromise the design.  I’m always excited when someone “gets it” and is open to a more storytelling approach.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this gorgeous, textured cover – a combo I’ve been dying to try for awhile now!
patton album01.jpg

and a peek at some favorite spreads –
patton album02.jpg
patton album03.jpg
patton album04.jpg
patton album05.jpg
patton album06.jpg
So many charming, colorful details – their reception was an intimate dinner party of one of my fave Ann Arbor places, Cafe Zola
patton album07.jpg
They hung canvases from their engagement session on the wall in place of Zola’s regular art – very cool!
patton album08.jpg
thanks Spence and Carli!  I know you are going to LOVE this book!!

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