JJ & Anthony | grosse pointe wedding photography

I’m finally getting caught up on posting some of the amazing weddings that slipped through the blogging cracks amidst the insanity of last year (thank goodness i’ll never get married in the middle of wedding season again!). 

JJ and Anthony had an intimate destination wedding, and than followed that up with a big reception in Indianapolis.  So by the time this rolled around, it was wedding number three!  But that didn’t stop them from going all out and putting on a beautiful event at their stunning lakefront home in Grosse Pointe Shores.

Here’s what guests were greeted with as they approached the site
curis01.jpgthey had some really cool art in their home – I loved this James Dean piece!
curis02.jpgbeautiful florals
specialty lanterns and tenting courtesy of special events rentals (these guys have a GREAT selection – T and I used them for our wedding as well!). 
curis04.jpgJJ is drop dead gorgeous!  and yes, she used to model, in case you couldn’t tell 😉
curis05.jpgcuris06.jpgand Anthony ain’t too bad, himself!
curis08.jpgThis whole event was staged so beautifully – it felt like something out of the Great Gatsby!
curis09.jpgcuris10.jpgcuris11.jpgcuris12.jpgthe super-awesome Ben Sharkey entertained guests for the first part of the evening.
curis14.jpgcuris15.jpgThat 80’s band rocked out the later part of the evening (at least, I’m about 80% sure it was ‘that 80’s band’ – this is what happens when you wait 7 months to blog a wedding!  sigh). 
curis16.jpgcuris17.jpgand a rockin’ fireworks display to end the night
curis18.jpgcongrats JJ and Anthony – and I hope you are enjoying your coffee table book!   

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