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Just got in megan and matt’s beautiful album and I am in LOOOVVVEEE.  Seriously kicking myself for not ordering a copy for a studio sample. 

This is finao‘s new “krumble” material.  Loving it!  Finao are one of my favorites of the album binders I work with – and they’re a Michigan-based business, which is rad. 
opening page:

and a few of my favorite spreads:
closing page:
and here’s a closer look at that cover material.  Really liking this one!  It has a lot of character and a nice, vintage feel to it. 
matt and megan – this baby is on it’s way to you!  I know you’ll love it 😉

Oh hey – in other news, my photos were on the TV today!  I’ve been meaning to do a blog post about this cool contest I’m a part of – but in the meantime, check out this video! (for some reason I can’t embed it, boo!). 

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  1. Beautiful! This reminds me…I have to pick ours up! Ahhh embarrassing it’s been too long! Can you believe i’m STILL getting questions on who did my ‘marvelous’ wedding pictures!? 🙂

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