liz + gordon | ann arbor engagement session

Busy season is officially here!  Which means, my blog gets neglected bit….

Here’s some favorites from a recent shoot with Liz and Gordon – an absolutely adorable couple!  Gordon is working in Austin right now, and was only in town for a couple of days.  And wouldn’t you know it, the day of shoot it was raining.  But they were total troopers and we got some wonderful images!  They even gave me some time the following day, when the weather was gorgeous – so we wound up with a really lovely collection of rainy and sunny day images.


as I was shooting this next series, I realized my lens was fogged up (rainy weather will do that!).  I figured they’d be unusable, but I actually really like them!  They almost have a holga feel. 

and here’s a couple of sunny day shots:
thanks guys!

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