ryan + megan | engaged!

here’s some favorites from a recent e-shoot with ryan and megan – they are an adorable couple – plus, megan is a dead ringer for january jones, and I love me some mad men!!  so excited to shoot their wedding this may!

we actually did this shoot on a really yucky, rainy day – but they were only in michigan for the weekend so we really didn’t want to reschedule.  It just goes to show that you can make great images in ANY weather!

I’ll start with one of my favorites (and, coincidentally, one of the last images we snapped!).  I’ve always loved this wall – and it is just SICK right now covered in gorgeous fall colors


these next two are what I jokingly call ”newspaper announcement photos”.  In wedding photography nowadays, there’s so much emphasis on being creative and different…which is fantastic, but I think sometimes we forget to just take nice, ‘normal’ portraits, too. I truly believe that the ability to compose and capture beautiful, timeless, well-lit portraits is crucial for any photographer.  While I typically chose to feature my less traditional imagery, I always try and remember to grab a few like this at every session….

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