Ashleigh + Christopher | engaged!

these two are getting married next September at the Henry Ford Museum – it’s gonna be a great wedding!  They were in town recently, so we decided to get together for an engagement session.  They suggested Ashleigh’s grandmother’s house in Brighton, which turned out to be absolutely perfect – really stunning grounds!  Here’s a couple of faves:
She has the most amazing blue eyes!




yup – that is snow you see!  The first snowfall of the year 😉

Thanks for braving the cold guys, and for laughing and cuddling so nicely on demand 😉

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  1. Oooo, I love these. There is such a warm quality to them even though I KNOW how chilly it has been around here. My favs are the first 2 and the second to last one with the snow! She has incredible eyes! Beautiful job Abby! (p.s. I am so patiently waiting to see pictures of the new studio…ah hem)

  2. Wow! Great location! All the shots are spectacular, but I think the B&W shot captures the connection between Chris & Ashleigh the best.

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