Michele’s bridal portraits!

michele is getting married Saturday, but we met up earlier this week to take some bridal portraits of her.  I always love doing shoots like these, since on the actual wedding day there isn’t always time to devote to making these sorts of images.

Anyhow – here’s some favorites!

I spotted this cool setee at a neighbors house awhile back, and knew right away I wanted to use it in a shoot!  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.  I just love this image – it has such a whimsical, alice-in-wonderland feel to it!IMG_5819T.jpg


something a little moodier:
how gorgeous is michele!?

i love this sun-drenched look
thanks michele for a fun session – can’t wait for the wedding on Saturday!

and special thanks to Tommy and Spencer for serving as chief couch-luggers 😉

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  1. Abby! I am really happy with these! They really turned out good. I love the lighting! You did an awesome job! So excited for Saturday!

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