I wanted to share some pics of this album I just got in for a couple of reasons:  one, they chose a really rad new leather!  And two – to make a point, that it’s never too late to invest in a beautiful book!  I photographed Sarah and Baiju’s wedding waaaay back in 2007.  They loved their photos, but never bought an album.  I heard from them a earlier this year and was so excited that they wanted to purchase one!  As new parents, they realized how important it was to have a keepsake album to share with their family.  I couldn’t agree more, and am thrilled with how their book turned out.

isn’t this a cool leather?  it’s called ‘date book’

The fact is, good wedding photography is expensive.  And so are beautiful, well-made albums. These are not the junky ones that you can make yourself online!  I’m talking about top-quality heirloom albums here, beautifully designed and sourced from the finest bookbinders out there.  They are an investment and will last a lifetime (and beyond!). 

I’ve been meeting with a lot of brides and grooms lately who are struggling with their photography budgets and frustrated at what it all costs.  As a recent bride myself, I can certainly relate!  My best advice for couples out there is to prioritize.  And to remember that when it’s all said and done, your photographs are pretty much what you’re going to have to remember your wedding day.  If budgets are tight, consider a coverage-only package for now.  You’ll still get amazing photography (and your digital files!), and can always come back when you are able to invest in an album.   


wow! I hadn’t stopped by your blog in a while but am glad I did tonight! I love this album, it is absolutely beautiful and I think that is great advice to get coverage now, so that at least you have the images to make an album later. Plus what a stunning couple…you need to take family pictures for them!