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Jan 28.2011
Eliza had her actual Bat Mitzvah service in Israel earlier this month (sadly, I didn't get to shoot that one!) and followed up with a celebration back home.  Her tennis-themed party was a blast!

With her red hair and freckles, Eliza has got to be one of the most adorable bat mitzvah girls ever!
I just adored all the beautiful details at this party - DeeDee Hoffman and her team always do an AMAZING job making sure every party they plan looks incredible
tennis ball centerpieces on the kids tables!  LOVE it
and you gotta love a bat mitzvah girl who rocks some sweet kicks
Eliza is the oldest of four adorable kiddos
and here's the whole fam
StarTrax MCs always keep the dancefloor hoppin'



the dessert table at the Reserve is always off the hook - here's just a *few* of the yummies on display
and just in case that wasn't enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, there was a candy bar as well!
StarTrax MC Dennis is always the life of the party!

what better way to wind down the night than with sliders?
Mazel Tov Eliza and family!  Hope you guys had a blast!

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Jan 28.2011
We had SUCH a fun day on Sunday.  So many awesome couples came through.  Here's just a handful of photos - check out a much bigger gallery on facebook!  (and 'like' me while you're at it!) ;-)

the dessert table that viva la diva and sweet heather anne dreamed up was truly stunning.  can some of my 2011 brides PLEASE hire these gals so I can shoot more eye candy like this??
the wedding party002.jpg

and, a closer peek:
the wedding party004.jpg

the wedding party011.jpg
the DIY champagne cocktail station was a BIG hit! 
the wedding party033.jpg

Stacy from the gown shop, looking adorable ;-)
the wedding party043.jpg

viva la diva, elevated press, and pot and box staged two amazing tablescapes - one vintage-inspired one modern-inspired
the wedding party017.jpg

the wedding party028.jpg
just gorgeous!  also on hand were snapfuze DJ and photobooth, eat catering, ann bernadette, and J Trees Cellars.  It was so much fun, I think we may do it again next year!  MANY more photos on facebook - enjoy!

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Jan 06.2011


Tommy and I are so lucky to shoot weddings all over Michigan - all over the world, in fact!  But, it's always a special treat to work right in Ann Arbor.  In the past year or so, there's been a kind of wedding-industry 'renaissance' in my little town.  There are so many amazing local people doing really cool things - heck, we even just got a brand-new wedding boutique right downtown!  Some of us started talking about how fun it would be to do a sort of "anti-wedding show" - and thus, 'the wedding party' was born!

I've been photographing weddings for 7 years (! i am getting old!) and have never participated in a wedding show.  A big convention center full of hard sells and tackiness?  Who wants that?!  I was sure it wasn't for me (and still isn't).  This is a very different kind of wedding show - super-casual, meet-and-greet style.  Some of the area's very best wedding vendors will be on hand.  Come eat cupcakes, sip mimosas, and sample our work in a fun, laid-back environment. There will be some incredible vendor discounts, fantasy bouquets and tablescape inspiration, gorgeous gowns on display.... if you are engaged and planning a wedding, you seriously do NOT want to miss this!

WHERE/WHEN: pot & box, January 23rd, 2-7PM


EAT CATERING not only do blake and helen rock events, they are single-handedly bringing street food back to A2!  Check out their mobile eat cart at the farmers market - you won't be sorry!)

POT & BOX I've posted before about Lisa and her charming flower shop - and you've seen her bouquet designs at erica & matt's, and sarah & dave's weddings.  LOVE her and her shop!

VIVA LA DIVA EVENTS Alison rules.  You probably remember that INSANE sweet 16 party I posted awhile back?  All her!  She is such a creative, stylish presence in this business, and I'm super-excited about the weddings we have coming up together this year - oh, and she also planned her own amazing wedding for under $5K.  now THAT takes talent.

SWEET HEATHER ANNE 'lovely cakes made from local ingredients'.  Heather's beautiful, whimsical creations taste as good as they look.  She will have treats on hand to sample!

DJ GRAFFITI/SNAPFUZE Martin is one of A2s hottest club DJs and is also available to rock your wedding!  He'll be spinning tunes all day at the wedding party.  And there will also be a snapfuze photobooth on hand! (who doesn't love a photobooth?)

ELEVATED PRESS I've featured Michele and her letterpress business on my blog before, because she is just that awesome ;-)  Tommy and I commissioned her and Pete to design and print our entire wedding suite, and we are still getting compliments on it.  She'll have a full portfolio of her wedding designs available for you to browse (and you can also check out my sweet new letterpressed business cards!).   

THE GOWN SHOP - this brand-spanking-new downtown storefront already has me drooling, and the doors haven't even opened!  Meet the owner, Stacy, and and learn about the fab lines she'll be carrying! 

Oh, and did I mention GIVEAWAYS and DISCOUNTS?  and CUPCAKES?

Space is limited, and giveaways are on a first-come, first-serve basis - If you want to attend, you MUST RSVP on eventbrite.  Hope to see you there!

And with that - Tommy and I are off on our (long-overdue!) honeymoon - hooray!  We'll be out of the studio through January 14th, and will answer any emails and phone messages than ;-)   

Happy January!! 

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